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Céline Cantin, Reg. OT (BC), CHT


Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist
Owner & operator

Céline is a 1985 graduate of McGill University with a bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy. In 1994, she completed a certificate in Health Administration at the University of Montreal. She practiced as an Occupational Therapy department coordinator of the rehabilitation department in the hospital where she worked.

in 1995, she expanded her business and teaching skills by becoming a medical representative for an international corporation and taught and organized splinting workshops to fellow therapists and university students. Celine returned to clinical practice and became a Certified Hand Therapist in 1997, the year she moved to British Columbia.

She opened her first private clinic, Coastal Hand Clinic, nearly 12 years ago, in October 2007. 

Céline was the program chair for the 2017 Canadian Hand Therapy (CSHT) Annual meeting that was held in Vancouver.

She is a past president of the now BC chapter of the Canadian Society of Hand Therapists, that used to be the West Coast Hand Therapy Association. She participates in the annual conference of BC Hand surgeons, the BC Hand Society. She attends the annual Canadian Hand Therapy conference (CSHT), American Hand therapy conference (ASHT) and participates in continuing education and mentors therapists. When possible, she offers clinical placements to UBC OT students.

In 2012, she became the first Certified Hand Therapist to offer services in the Sea to sky corridor, based in Squamish under the name "Alpine Hand Clinic". She currently works at her two clinic locations and has lived in Squamish for nearly 6 years.

Celine is a mother, enjoys water, mountain and snow sports that the area offers. Travelling with family and friends is a must and riding her motorcycle when time is left!.  Her artistic side helps her relax by painting in her home studio.   "Laughter heals" is part of her core values.


"I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone at Coastal Hand Clinic. I had a nasty crash at World Championships in snowboard cross in Spain. My left hand got crunched and Celine along with Sylvie have taken great care of my rehabilitation to get me back on snow as quickly as possible."

Posted By: Maelle Ricker, Canadian Gold Medalist - Snowboard Cross 2010

Sylvie Fortin, Reg. OT (BC), CHT


Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist

Sylvie graduated as an Occupational Therapist from McGill University in 1987.

She has been a certified hand therapist since 1998 and has 22 years of hand therapy experience in the public health system. She is skilled in the area of wound care of the upper and lower extremity.

Sylvie has been part of the Coastal Hand Clinic team since February 2008.

Sylvie is an active member of the West Coast Hand Therapy Association and has previously been a member of the executive (treasurer). She has been involved for the past 20 years in clinical teaching for UBC students for fieldwork placement. She occasionally works as a teacher's assistant for both the physiotherapy and occupational therapy students at UBC.

Sylvie is an avid golfer and can help you with any hand or elbow related ailments to keep you on the top of your game. She also owns two dogs and enjoys her walks on the beach.


"I came to the CHC after visiting three other places looking for someone to fix my hand that was familiar with musicians. The environment is full of bright smiles and laughter from all the beautiful staff. Thank you with all my heart for the pain that “hurt so good” and the healing that comes with it.”

- John Bakirgis


Angele Bonville, Reg. OT (BC), CHT


Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist

Angele graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Medicine in 1993. Since that time she has worked in a variety of locations in both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation throughout North America.

She attained her CHT certification while living in San Francisco in December of 2003 and has been working as a Certified Hand therapist ever since. She joined the Coastal Hand Clinic team in 2018.

Angele has been active in local hand therapy associations as well as mentor-ship programs for new therapists throughout her career.


Renée Ridge, BSC, PT, CHT


Physiotherapist, Certified Hand Therapist.

Renée  graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of BC in 2001. Prior to that, she completed two other degrees.  The first, a BSc in Biochemistry with honours from St-Francis Xavier University in 1996 and the second, a Master's degree in Pharmacology and Neuroscience from Dalhousie University in 1998.

After graduation, Renée worked in a general physiotherapy private practice setting,  where she was responsible for the assessment of musculoskeletal injuries for all age groups including those sustained while at work, at play, or in a motor vehicle collision.  Over the same time period, she also worked in a child development setting where she developed extensive experience with paediatric conditions.

Renée joined the Coastal Hand clinic team in 2010 where she refined her clinical skills with  the upper extremity and became a Certified Hand Therapist in 2013. 

Renée is a mother of 3 beautiful children and enjoys spending time wth her family on their boat and other outdoor fun.

Renee works Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


"After finding Coastal Hand Clinic online, I felt hope for the first time in weeks. The knowledge, caring and compassion in this office is phenomenal. I truly credit them with saving my hand. Renee allows me to now believe in a full recovery. You are in good hands here."

Donna Paul

Peter Sharpe, BSc PT, BSc SS, CHT, MSc Hand Therapy


Peter spent his early formative years in the foothills of the Himalayas of north India studying at an International school until age 13 after which he returned to the UK with his family. The next 12 years he spent in Scotland finishing high school, playing guitar in a band and running. He returned to full time education on the south coast of England and spent the next 7 years doing 2 Bachelors degrees back to back, one in Sports Science and his Physiotherapy training (in London) which he completed in 1994.

His first foray into the land of hand therapy was in 1996 after which he devoted more and more working hours to this speciality. He was fortunate to work closely with some excellent hand surgeons in Bath, and helped develop the role of Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Hand Specialist. He ran fracture, post-op and elective surgery clinics, together with an injection clinic. He was closely involved in teaching other therapists in the region, was a clinical supervisor to Undergraduate Physiotherapy Students, and guest lecturer at the University of the West of England. He was also co-founder of what became a yearly study day for Hand Therapy Specialists in the UK.

He came to Vancouver BC in 2008 with his young family on what was to be a 2 year mission but has found it difficult to leave! Since coming here he has worked full time in hand therapy in private practice on the lower mainland. He has been involved in the mentoring of therapists challenging their CHT exam and has regular Physiotherapy students from UBC. In 2016 he completed a Masters Degree in Hand Therapy.

Pete occasionally covers holidays at our Alpine Hand Clinic in Squamish.

Peter loves the outdoors, the mountains, road and mountain biking, playing and writing music on his guitar and spending time (preferably outdoors!) with his wife, 2 children and a mad black Golden Doodle!



Physiotherapist, Certified Hand Therapist (CHT)

Danielle graduated from the Masters of Physiotherapy program at the University of British Columbia in 2011. She holds a prior Bachelors Degree of Science in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Before entering the Physiotherapy program, Danielle worked as a researcher in several biology laboratories, as a kinesiologist and as a personal trainer in a private gym. Her active lifestyle and re-occurrent sports injuries brought her to have a great appreciation for the physiotherapy field and how debilitating injuries can be on ones life. She aspired to become a physiotherapist in order to help others overcome their injuries as she did with hers.

After graduating from the physiotherapy program, Danielle worked at numerous private practice clinics in the greater Vancouver area and now in Squamish treating patients and athletes for a variety of work-related, motor vehicle accident and sports related injuries. She has a particular interest in hand therapy, since she was introduced to the speciality while working as a kinesiologist in a physiotherapy clinic where this service was offered. As a student, she spent 5 weeks working with Peter Sharpe, CHT, who mentored her in seeing hand therapy clients. Over the years, she has attended several hand therapy and shoulder courses. She also attends regular annual hand therapy conferences. She has just successfully passed her certified hand therapy exam this spring 2017. Congrats:)

In 2012, Danielle moved to Squamish so that she could enjoy many of the outdoor activities it has to offer. In her spare time, she enjoys mountain biking, skiing, kite boarding, rock climbing, mountaineering and travelling. Danielle has a great love of dogs and is currently pursing her Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation so she can give a helping hand to our four-legged furry friends.

Danielle works at Alpine Hand Clinic in Squamish and is looking forward to help you through your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries. She is also available to treat all other injuries as well.

Return to work coordinators

Kurtis Stromdahl, Kinesiologist, B.KIn.


Kurtis Stromdahl is a practicing Kinesiolgist and Return to Work Coordinator with over 3 years of clinical experience.  He graduated from University of the Fraser Valley with a Bachelor's of Kinesiology in 2015.  He is the owner and operator of Stromdahl Kinesiology Services INC. The company provides Return to Work Services for a variety of hand therapy clinics in the Lower Mainland.


Having come from a background of competitive sport, Kurtis advocates the importance of consistent exercise in order to maintain a healthy, and happy lifestyle.  In his spare time, you will likely find Kurtis out with friends, either on the volleyball court, or the golf course.




suzie beliveau, Reg. ot


Suzie completed her Bachelor degree of Science in Occupational Therapy at McGill University in 2002. After graduating, she worked initially specializing in Splinting and Hand Therapy but also gained experience in acute orthopedic, post-surgical, pediatric, traumatic brain injuries, community and home health. 

She has over 10 years of experience completing functional assessments, worksite evaluations, ergonomic assessments, job demands analysis, developing and implementing Return to Work Rehabilitation as well as Graduated Return to Work Plans in a multidisciplinary clinic setting. She has working in Squamish since 2004 and travels the Sea-to-sky corridor providing those services to various organizations.

She has also provided numerous education sessions on body mechanics, pacing, ergonomics, pain management as well as coordinating disability management programs for employers seeking to manage occupational disability.

In 2016, she completed her Matheson functional capacity evaluation training and is available to perform FCE assessments. Recently she has focused her learning on mental health condition and psychosocial factors influencing disability.

Suzie originally moved to Squamish for the rock climbing and mountaineering. Now a mother of 2, she enjoys mountain biking, skiing, hiking and occasionally surfing. 

Suzie’s work philosophy is having a positive outlook on all situations she encounters. She believes all individual have the tools to improve their functional performance and achieve their true potential.