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I am 16 years old and I started going to Coastal Hand Clinic when I was 15 years old. I had surgery on my thumb and I was a bit nervous going to a hand clinic because I thought it was going to hurt. The very first thing they had to do was to take out my stitches... It actually did not hurt as much as I thought it would, they would talk to me the whole time to take my mind off of it and they were very gentle.

After the first couple appointments I could not wait to go back for another appointment because everyone in their office was so friendly and they all had a great sense of humour. This is including the staff and even the other patients! They did a fantastic job on helping me get my thumb back to normal. They helped me strengthen it and I was better to start playing fast pitch, a couple weeks after the season had started. I am really glad that my surgeon sent me to Coastal Hand Clinic because they were very kind and gentle. You can even just call to ask a question if you wanted to and they would try their best to answer it over the phone. I would recommend them to anyone, if you go there trust me you are in great hands!

01 October 2008

Car Accident

In the summer of 2008 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. As a result, all the fingers on my left hand were fractured, requiring reconstruction with pins and plates. Currently, I am receiving therapy three times a week at Coastal Hand Clinic. Despite the pain, stiffness and swelling in my hand, I look forward to my visits as I am receiving exceptional care and so much encouragement.

The therapists demonstrate expansive knowledge about wound care, splinting and the rehabilitation of hand movement. I really appreciate their sense of humour and sincere interest in my improvement. They are a great working team and the office environment is always positive and friendly. I feel very fortunate having them help me with my recovery. I assure, you will find the best care possible at Coastal Hand Clinic.

01 June 2008

Custom Finger Splints

Celine and her team have been caring and engaged with my therapy and healing. They provided an ingenious jointed splint for my finger that enabled me to continue working while I recovered.

I highly recommend them for anyone needing hand, finger or wrist therapy.
Date of Posting: 04 May 2011
Posted By: Denise

Due to the repetitive nature of my job (and poor genetics) I experience pain in my wrists. In a desperate attempt to find help for my pain I conducted a random internet search and stumbled across Coastal Hand Clinic. After viewing the website, which provided information about custom made hand splints, I felt hopeful someone there could help me.

Any doubts I had about being helped were quickly eliminated upon my first visit. The therapist took my history and began to construct wrist braces designed specifically for me. Her patience and care towards me were what made the greatest impression.

After wearing my wrist braces for a couple of days I noticed a few spots causing some discomfort. I went back and the therapist adjusted the braces for me, again giving me the same quality of care as the first visit. Overall the experience was a positive one and I would happily recommend the clinic to anyone in need of hand related help.
09 July 2010


As a patient of The Coastal Hand Clinic from October 31 - February 28, 2008, I received individual attention and instruction to hasten the healing and flexibility of my hand and arm which was severely injured in a fall. Coastal Hand Clinic also sent me to a hand specialist for a second opinion, which I appreciated.

I would recommend the Coastal Hand Clinic to my friends. Sincerely,
01 November 2008

Finger injury

Sylvie supported me through all my different challenges with my therapy for my finger. After my surgery, I had great difficulty with mobility of an injured finger. Sylvie understood exactly what exercises I needed to do to regain the use of my finger. The exercises were the foundation to hand therapy and both combined together helped me attain success quite quickly. Within two months I was able to progress from 20% mobility to 90% mobility. I feel very lucky to be given a second chance to appreciate how intricate and wonderful the human body is.
25 July 2011
Judy Shannon

Over the past 6 months I've had the pleasure of being supported by the Coastal Hand Clinic, who have provided my occupational therapy. They have provided me with various exercises and direction in helping with the recovery process of my hand injury. As well, they have a lot of compassion and care, and always remained pleasant and professional. I have appreciated their knowledge and understanding and feel very fortunate in having their support.
01 September 2008


I came to the CHC after visiting three other places looking for someone to fix my hand that was familiar with musicians. I had seen on their website a fellow playing guitar after their unique form of therapy and I figured that was the place for me. I had suffered a crush injury to my left radius ( bone below the wrist ) and after surgery and casting my hand was very swollen and immobile. Upon my arrival they told me to return the next week. As I left misty eyed, Celine saw me and had me called back prior to leaving the building. That was the day that changed my life. It has been 6 months and today they got me to play a little guitar for them.This was a very emotional time for me.There is light at the end of this tunnel.

Sylvie is my primary caregiver and I say that because of how determined she was to help me from the beginning. I would and DO recommend the CHC to anyone who may have suffered a hand injury. The environment is full of bright smiles and laughter from all the beautiful staff. To Sylvie, Celine, Kim and Renee....Thank you with all my heart for the pain that "hurts so good" and the healing that comes with it.
26 April 2012
John Bakirgis


Nerve & Tendon Injuries

Why do I go to Coastal Hand Clinic? Its the place you want to go to. Anyone suffering a hand wrist injury, this is the place. Professional,caring, and an environment that makes you feel welcome. A place where you can laugh and tell stories with others of similar injuries so it almost makes you feel like you are not in your typical therapists office. They have helped me tremendously in understanding the extent of my injury and what needs to be done for full recovery. I had severed the ulnar nerve and three tendons which left my right hand pretty much useless. It is worth the drive from Mission to Surrey twice a week just for the laughs! Even my wife enjoys coming on her day off to be a part of it.
18 January 2011

It is without reservation that I wholeheartedly endorse the professional yet friendly, courteous, and highly qualified staff and the treatment received at the Coastal Hand Clinic!

I have just returned from my 6 week post op check up with my surgeon and he indicates that I am making tremendous progress with the rehab of the severed tendon of my left thumb and that I am well ahead of schedule in my recovery process back to full use of the thumb.

I have been going to CHC once or twice a week now for about six weeks since my surgery... and while when I first walked in the door at Coastal Hand Clinic I was not optimistic that my thumb was ever going to be the same again. I am overwhelmed with the progress made to date. I never thought I would get back half of the use I have achieved, and I fully anticipate more to follow, with close to 100% recovery and use of the digit anticipated!

Courteous... professional... prompt... and effective therapy... all at a very reasonable cost pretty much covers it all!

If you need hand therapy in the lower mainland, Coastal Hand Clinic is highly recommended, and the first and last place you should visit!

01 July 2008

Orthopaedic Hand & Elbow surgeons

I have worked with Celine for many years. She is an excellent therapist and provides first rate care for her (and my) patients. She has amassed a top notch group of therapists to work with her at the Coastal Hand Clinic. I routinely refer to her clinic patients with conditions of the hand, wrist and elbow who would benefit from therapy and or splinting. Conditions such as post injury/surgical stiffness, weakness and pain of the upper extremity are expertly managed by the Coastal team. Dupuytren's, hand, wrist, and elbow arthritis, crush injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, CRPS, and tennis elbow are but a few of the conditions I regularly refer to Coastal. I routinely receive positive feedback from my patients about the excellent care they receive from the Coastal Hand Clinic. Celine's friendly and upbeat attitude doesn't hurt either.

Thanks Celine and the Coastal Hand Clinic team!

Dr. Colin Jackson, MD, Orthopaedic Hand & Elbow surgeon

I trust Coastal and Alpine Hand Clinics for my patients' needs.  From straightforward to complex, my patients' are well cared for especially when requiring the care of a dedicated hand therapist

Dr. Sean G. Bristol MD, FRCSC, Clinical Associate Professor UBC, Active Staff at PHC, VCH and BCCH, Co-founder of Complex Peripheral Nerve and Brachial Plexus Clinic

Thumb splints for arthritis

I thought I was going to have surgery on my thumb to get remove bone spurs from arthritis. I was taking approx 8 Ibuprofin a day for the pain. The surgeon suggested trying a thumb brace from Coastal Hand Clinic before surgery. Well the thumb brace called "Push" almost relieved all the pain I was going through.Now I take one Tylenol arthritis a day. Seriously try a brace before going for surgery. The brace is very small and light. I highly recommend it.
27 September 2012
Murray Fraser

Wrist Fracture

In January 2009, I fell on the ice and broke my wrist. During reconstructive surgery, a metal plate was inserted in my shattered bone. I then wore a cast for three months. After the cast was removed, I had no use of my left arm from my shoulder down to my fingertips. My orthopedic surgeon sent me to the Coastal Hand Clinic.

I highly recommend the clinic. The staff worked very hard to help me. My therapist was very professional and friendly, and she had a great sense of humour to elevate my mood. She was very accommodating and motivated me to do my home exercises. She also gave me extra exercises to help with my recovery.

A year after my fall, my Surgeon told me that my recovery was exceptional.

My therapist at the Coastal Hand Clinic asked me to share my recovery strategy with others who have suffered a serious hand injury.

Click here to read about Barbara’s strategy for home exercise
20 May 2010